The International Conference Portuguese Orientalism(s) is an initiative of the Texts and Contexts of Portuguese Orientalism: The International Congresses of Orientalists (1873-1973) (TECOP) research project (PTDC/CPC-CMP/0398/2014) hosted at the Centre for Comparative Studies of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon.

The aim of this conference is to foster the knowledge about Portuguese Orientalism(s) regarding the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It takes as point of departure the Portuguese presence and written production within the International Congresses of Orientalists. These events took place at intervals from 1873 to 1973 and functioned as sites of sociability aimed at the creation of a scientific and academic community primarily based in Europe by stimulating the traffic of people and ideas, that is, knowledge production, sharing, and networking. Based on the case study of the Portuguese participation in those congresses, the conference on Portuguese Orientalism(s) seeks to promote debate about the existence, or not, of a discipline of Orientalism in Portugal and to provide evidence of a Portuguese orientalist intelligentsia that was part of a transnational community of Oriental Studies.

Further information on the TECOP research project here.


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